Project management

Project management

From developing and creating a new building, to expanding, redeveloping or transforming an existing building: managing your project is our business. We can assist you from the first initiative, the design, tendering and contracting phase to the implementation, delivery and aftercare. Our specialists will ensure that your requirements are met fully and well within the frameworks of budget, timeline and quality.

Executive management and supervision

Daily management at the construction site is an art in itself. On one hand it involves ensuring that the project follows the contracted plan and on the other hand flexibility is required in the event of any changes initiated by the end-user or client. The executive manager monitors the contracted quality within a dynamic environment and reviews any changes made with regard to the assumptions in the contract. The manager is assisted by one of our supervisors. Our experienced supervisors check the applied materials and construction methods both on site as well as at the suppliers and see to it that the contracted quality actually also comes back fully into the implementation of your project.

Contract management

From initial application to compliance (guarantees) with contractual agreements, contract management involves the joint specification of the issue, the negotiations, the engagement, the control, the monitoring and the enforcement of contracts between our client and their contractors. The knowledge of DVP can be relied upon when it comes to land acquisitions, real estate transactions, construction contracts, leasing and outsourcing of management and maintenance. By using our knowledge and experience at an early stage of the project the outcome is optimized and the potential risks are reduced before signing a contract.