Real estate development

Real estate development

Do you as an owner / operator intend to create a completely new housing estate? Do you as an investor wish to completely redevelop an existing object, or achieve a higher return on investment? Do you have a unique location in mind where you, as a developer, want to outsource the actual technical and commercial development of your project? Whatever part or path you want to use our development specialists for, DVP guarantees truly independent support without conflicts of interest. Your wishes can take shape quickly with the counsel of DVP. Based on the conditions that a specific area, location or building has, DVP can help you to generate a clear development concept, point out potential opportunities and determine the financial feasibility.

Your next steps

Once the conceptually responsible choices have been made, the viability of your development project needs to be tested for feasibility. Based on the agreed principles, DVP can then take control of the actual commercial and technical preparation and implementation of the project. Our development specialists will ensure that your development results in an attractive, desirable and profitable project.

Achieving the optimum result together

Our commitment and effort will quickly reveal that our input is more than just advice. Our consultants strive to work with you to achieve the optimal result. DVP can, if you wish, be involved even further. It is possible to enter into a performance-based contract, meaning advice on the basis of guaranteed final price, guaranteed return on investment in the project and / or guaranteed construction costs, depending on the type of client. It is evident that commitment, skill and decisiveness are the essential parameters in this process. You can be assured of our maximum involvement throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.