Real estate consultancy

Real estate consultancy

Are you looking for experience in the field of complex financial and economic issues as part of a conversion or renovation of your property? Do you need assistance with the specialist knowledge required to develop a new location, an area or a building? Or do you want an independent review of the feasibility of a potential real estate investment? Whatever questions you might have as an owner, investor, care manager, tenant, user or developer, DVP Real estate consultancy can help you with tailored advice.

Appealing and desirable real estate

DVP has extensive experience in unique real estate projects and has a wide range of references available. Each of the projects we have been involved in has required our strong attention to detail and our commitment, and has eventually emerged as attractive and desirable real estate. It is these characteristics that will guarantee the quality and the efficiency of a development in both the short and long term. Your plan, too, deserves this well-rounded advice. With real estate advice by DVP you will receive tailored advice for your property. This advice provides insight into the opportunities around your property and real estate developments, which will support you in coming to a balanced decision.

Independent and pure advice 

You can expect to receive clear-cut advice from DVP on all your questions related to real estate. This advice is a result of our independence and the commitment of our capable consultants who have extensive experience in real estate and who have an innovative approach to the market.