History DVP

Establishment in the late 1930s

The history of DVP started at the end of the 30s with the establishment of De Bruijn en Tak, located at the Zeestraat in The Hague. In 1964, the advisory work was moved to Consultancy Bureau De Bruijn en Tak NV. At the end of 1968 the management existed of Mr. Feenstra and Diepenhorst and three years later in 1971 the name Consultancy Bureau Feenstra and Diepenhorst NV was established. The bureau then had ten employees. In 1972, Mr. De Vos tot Nederveen Cappel became an employee. As a result of the new company law in the Netherlands in 1973 the legal form of the company was changed from a public to a private limited liability company. A few years later, Mr. De Vos tot Nederveen Cappel was appointed deputy director. Partly as a result of the departure of Mr Feenstra as Director in April 1976, the number of partners in the office expanded. Mid 1976, Mr. De Vos tot Nederveen Cappel was appointed director. From that time onwards, the name Consultancy Bureau Feenstra Diepenhorst and Partners BV (FDP) was used.

1984 Consultancy Bureau Diepenhorst de Vos and Partners BV

On the 1st of January 1984, the company name changed to Consultancy Bureau Diepenhorst de Vos and Partners BV. The building on the Van Stolkweg 21 in October 1987 became property of DVP. After the transfer, the building was renovated, and after four months DVP could inhabit its new premises. In 1988 the office was led by Ton Diepenhorst and Carel de Vos (management) with partners Jaap Vrolijk, Jan Kröse, Jan Reurslag, Gerrit Versteegh, Bas Verhoeven and Bar van der Voort. In 1989 Jan Reurslag and Jaap Vrolijk became the directors of the company.

1992 TGDV

DVP became part of the Twijnstra Gudde Group under the name Twijnstra Gudde Diepenhorst de Vos (TGDV). The shares were held by Twijnstra Gudde. Ton Diepenhorst left the organization.

1998 DVP

In early 1998, Jan Reurslag bought 70% of the shares of DVP back from Twijnstra Gudde. DVP once again is a privately held entity, under the direction of Jan Reurslag and Jan Zoet. In 1999 Bas Verhoeven was appointed director. Jan Zoet left the company. From that moment on, Jan Reurslag and Bas Verhoeven formed the management. One year later, the remaining 30% of the shares was purchased from Twijnstra Gudde. At the end of 2000 Wybren Bruinsma was appointed deputy director of DVP. At the same time several staff members became shareholders of the company. Two years later Wybren Bruinsma became director. In the early 2006s, Hans Diepenhorst was appointed deputy director of DVP and early 2008 he became Bas Verhoevens successor. The management then consisted of Jan Reurslag, Wybren Hans Bruinsma and Diepenhorst. Current partners are Piet Kauffmann, Ger Dogge and Erik Verboom. DVP currently has approximately 40 employees.

2010 Ypenburg

At the end of April 2010 DVP moved within The Hague from Scheveningen to Ypenburg. DVP now inhabits a self-developed modern office villa. Located very close to the highway, the accessibility of the new location is better than Scheveningen for staff and visitors of DVP.

 Diepenhorst de Vos & Partners: independent, committed, competent and effective.

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